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The first coaching institute dedicated solely to fibromyalgia.

We help you take back control of your life and health.

Improve your fibromyalgia symptoms while educating yourself on the treatment and management of fibromyalgia

We train patients, advocates, and providers how to manage fibromyalgia, enabling patients to live their best possible lives, minimizing fibromyalgia symptoms and pain.

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“The more you know, the better you are, and the more power you have to take control of your health. This class definitely made me feel more powerful and more in control of my situation.” 


Our training programs are 100% focused on fibromyalgia. We are the only training program of our kind, providing more fibromyalgia education to patients than most doctors will receive in medical school. Many of our students and graduates are healthcare providers looking to fill the gap in their fibromyalgia knowledge, such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, counselors, and more. We also have many graduates who are health coaches, patient advocates, bloggers, and patients wanting to feel better and learn all they can.

Most fibromyalgia treatments will show a 17-24% improvement in the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQR) score. On average, our graduates see a 50% improvement in their FIQR score—some as high as 70-75%! Our goal is for every student to end our training programs with less fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Learn more about how a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach® can help improve fibromyalgia outcomes here.

Program participants learn to help clients—and themselves—come to terms with their fibromyalgia diagnosis, understand their treatment options, implement prescribed lifestyle changes, reduce fibromyalgia symptoms, and navigate our often confusing medical system.

Doctors don’t know what to do with fibromyalgia patients. We are often labeled as “trouble” or “high maintenance” patients simply because our doctors haven't been trained in how to treat fibromyalgia effectively or efficiently.

A Certified Fibromyalgia Coach® can fill this critical gap in care and treatment by educating patients and their providers.

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Working with a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach® will help you improve your fibromyalgia symptoms and pain. This will enable you to keep working, be the parent you want to be, and enjoy life on your terms again.

We understand what you’re going through on a daily basis. All of our coaches have direct personal experience with fibromyalgia. They know what it feels like to struggle with brain fog, fatigue, pain, and poor sleep. Our coaches also have more fibromyalgia training than most doctors do. 

We’ll educate you on what treatments work best for fibromyalgia, help you advocate for your needs with your providers, while also providing advice on what you can do yourself to manage your fibromyalgia on a daily basis. We'll share tips, tricks, and life hacks from our own personal experiences in managing our own fibromyalgia.

International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, LLC is committed to providing education and awareness for the invisible illness of fibromyalgia and funding research to find proven therapies and answers. To that end, we donate a portion of each student’s tuition to various research and awareness organizations worldwide. We also provide scholarships to patients who may not be able to afford coaching due to their financial situation.

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