Alumni Association Membership

Alumni Association Membership

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IFCI is proud to provide an Alumni Association Membership benefit to all graduates. The Association provides unique perks, as well as the tools our graduates need to keep their skills and knowledge current.

Alumni Association Membership Benefits

The IFCI Alumni Association Membership provides special perks and benefits:

  1. Exclusive Alumni Association group coaching calls with Tami.
  2. Special Alumni Association only classes and events.
  3. Alumni Association discounts and pricing for all future classes, events, and programs.
  4. Exclusive and/or early access to new programs, classes, and alumni benefits.
  5. Earn Continuing Education credits for IFCI CE classes to keep your certification up-to-date and active.
  6. Early access to all CE class recordings (immediate access vs. 30 days after)
  7. Annual Competency Exam available at no charge (if required).
  8. Continued access to the Fibromyalgia Advisor training program video lectures and materials.
  9. BONUS! $500 Alumni Association discount on IFCI’s Annual Alumni Retreat

See our list of FAQs here.

New Graduates — If it has been less than 30 days since your final certification interview or graduation, you are eligible for a special rate ($300 or $30 per month). If you would like to take advantage of this rate, contact us for your discount code.

Membership Cost = $500 USD or $50 per month ($600) for one full year


Do I have to be a member of the IFCI Alumni Association to take advantage of the Continuing Education classes?
No. Our monthly Continuing Education classes are open to all IFCI graduates to attend at no charge. However, CE credits are only available through the IFCI Alumni Association Membership. In addition, Alumni Association members have early access to the CE class recordings and additional Alumni Association exclusive classes and perks.

Why is there a fee to access the CE quizzes and Competency Exam?
It is standard practice for there to be a fee for CE credits. The fee pays for our time in creating the classes, reviewing feedback forms, tracking credits, and so on. We do this as part of our Alumni Association membership so that you can receive additional perks, such as our quarterly live coaching calls, early access, special rates for events and classes, and more.

Can I count CE credits I’ve earned at work towards IFCI’s CE requirement? 
IFCI may approve a limited number of CE credits for outside classes on a case-by-case basis. As with other industries, we require continuing education that applies directly to our industry: fibromyalgia coaching. For example, earning CE credits as a psychologist doesn’t keep you up-to-date on fibromyalgia knowledge. Ask through the IFCI Alumni Association Facebook group if you have an outside class that should be considered for credit.

I’m going to a conference, class, or event that is coaching- or fibromyalgia-specific. May I count that towards my CE credits?
Maybe. This is handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the organization and event providing the content. Ask through the IFCI Alumni Association Facebook group.

Do I have to attend IFCI’s CE classes live in order to count them towards my CE requirement?
No. All CE classes are recorded and made available through the online portal. You can complete classes online by watching the class recording and completing the feedback survey for each class. You may choose from any available CE credit classes in our library of CE classes. Note: a maximum of 1 CE credit may be earned per month and 1 CE credit per recorded class per calendar year. CE credits are earned through the IFCI Alumni Association Membership.

Do I have to be part of the IFCI Alumni Association to receive client referrals from IFCI?
Yes. To receive referrals from IFCI, you will need to be a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach with Certified Active Status. This means having a current IFCI Alumni Association Membership for access to the Competency Exam and CE credits. See details on our Referral Service here.

Is there a cost to be considered a Certified Active Coach or Advisor?
No. Active Status is based solely on the work you do as a Coach or Advisor. However, you must earn at least six CE credits in the 12 months prior to your application for Certified Active Status. CE credits may only be earned through the IFCI Alumni Association Membership.

I just graduated. Do I still have to join the Association?
It depends.

  • If you have graduated from one training program and have joined the next one (i.e. you graduated as a Fibromyalgia Advisor and have joined the Fibromyalgia Coach program), your Association membership is included in your new program.
  • If you want the special coaching calls, discounts, and perks and/or need to receive CE credits for the continuing education classes you will need to be a member of the IFCI Alumni Association.
  • If you don’t want the special coaching calls, discounts, and perks and don’t need CE credits, you don’t need to join the association.
  • In addition, for 30 days after the date of their final certification interview or graduation, new graduates are eligible to receive a discount on their first year’s membership in the Alumni Association. Just ask and we can give you the coupon code for this discount.

Last updated: January 8, 2021