IFCI does not issue refunds because we only accept students who have a clear commitment to completing their training and certification. We can’t put our full faith in your success as a student while also leaving space for you to quit on yourself and your dreams. Our no refund policy is a clear way of saying right from the start that neither of us are willing to accept failure as an option.

We also recognize that our students are living with fibromyalgia. Should your illness or other circumstances in your life interfere with you completing your course, you may request a one-time transfer of your registration to another class or take a leave of absence. Requests are not guaranteed to be granted and are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Leave of Absence

Should circumstances arise where you feel unable to complete your program or certification requirements within the timeframe provided, you may request a leave of absence by emailing admissions@ifcinstitute.com. A leave of absence must be requested in advance, is granted on a case-by-case basis, and not guaranteed.

To rejoin any program following an approved leave of absence, there will be a reinstatement fee and you will begin the program anew.

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Contact us at admissions@ifcinstitute.com for questions.

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