The Balanced Life Intensive Gifts

The Balanced Life Intensive Gifts

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E-Book — The Fibromyalgia Coach, by Tami Stackelhouse

The Fibromyalgia Coach coverTami’s newest book is The Fibromyalgia Coach: Feel Better, Change Lives, Find Your Best Job Ever! 

A fibromyalgia patient herself, Tami tells the story of her lifelong search for the perfect career that would help her feel her best. In this book, she provides a framework that will help you gain clarity on what your best job looks like – a job that will help you feel better while making a difference in the world around you.

Get your free copy of The Fibromyalgia Coach here.

E-Book — Take Back Your Life, by Tami Stackelhouse

Take Back Your Life (cover)Use the link below to claim your copy of Tami’s first book, Take Back Your Life: Find Hope and Freedom from Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Pain.

In this book, you will learn how to take back your life using the techniques and strategies Tami has used to get well. More than just a lifestyle or self-management guide, this is a concise reference book woven with Tami’s own fibromyalgia story.

This is a page-by-page survival guide for the action-oriented fibromyalgia patient who wants to feel better as quickly as possible. It’s written for the patient overwhelmed with a new fibromyalgia diagnosis and for the fibro-veteran who is stuck and needing new ideas. It is also a great resource for the caring family members and support team of anyone suffering with fibromyalgia.

Get your free book here.