Visibility with Ease for Coaches

Replay of the Fall 2022 IFCI Alumni Retreat

Special Guest Instructor Ramses Rodriguez

As a coach, you get thrown ALL of your client's curveballs in life. You get their worries, you get their stress, and you get their desire to get out of the tools you know how to provide.

But what happens when you need help overcoming an obstacle?
Somehow, your obstacles as a coach always seem to be public!

As a Fibromyalgia Coach, even your health is public!

A coach's obstacles and challenges are often happening in plain sight of an audience. You are "living on a stage", so to speak. Coaches are always in the position to participate in marketing events, podcasts, public interviews, create classes, and teaching materials... all of these things are super high-visibility! 

But what can happen so often is that a form of performance anxiety can creep in leaving you with paralysis, indecision, confusion, procrastination, and sometimes the slightest bit of shame.


Tools just right for heart-centered coaches like you!

In Visibility With Ease for Coaches, guest instructor, Ramses Rodriguez, will teach you how you can overcome the coach's flavor of performance anxiety so that you can be visible with ease!

In Visibility With Ease for Coaches you will learn:

  • How to easily identify your performance anxiety even before it gets you stuck
  • The easiest way to get out of "compare and despair" syndrome and how to avoid it altogether
  • Ways to "come out of the closet" and more comfortably share your fibromyalgia health journey
  • Daily practices to not only stay relaxed but also stay in the flow, too!
  • Tools to make hiding a thing of the past!

Course Pricing

Enroll to receive all four lessons taught at our Fall 2022 Alumni Retreat, along with the handouts and extra materials. Lessons include video, audio, and written transcript.

Replay Only $400

Live Retreat = $1300

Remember: The content of this retreat is for your personal use only as a graduate or student of IFCI. Content shared here is not to be shared with your clients or the general public.

Our Guest Instructor

Ramses Rodriguez

Ramses Rodriguez

Once plagued by panic attacks, Ramses Rodriguez now helps individuals suffering from panic and anxiety with science-based and holistic modalities.

Ramses holds a Master of Science degree in Developmental Genetics and combines scientific theory and alternative therapies to help people remain panic-free while having the career of their dreams!

Here's What Others Say

This information was so valuable. I hated that I didn't get to be attend live, but I am so thankful that I still had the opportunity to participate. Ramses was fabulous! So relatable, open, and caring. He immediately put participants at ease and met each one where they were. If you take this course, be prepared for self growth as well as business growth!

Penny Carroll , Attended as a student coach-in-training

This class was more than what I expected. It helped me figure out what I want and how to control my anxiety and my mind. I have already helped one client with anxiety with the information in this class!

Ann Garner Coulter , Attended as a student coach-in-training

YES, yes yes! Take this class. You will learn so much. Approach it with honesty. Work through everything being kind to yourself. You will find that you're not alone in your self-doubts and you will definitely find some answers. You will be motivated to keep moving forward in an enlightening path of self-discovery. The exercises were not "heavy" in an academic way but very doable.

Micky Beaton , Attended as a Certified Coach

This class will give you the tools to make that shift from limited beliefs to believing in yourself and your capabilities as a coach.

Clara Garcia , Attended as a Certified Advisor

I didn't know what to expect with this retreat. But I thought it was awesome! I love Ramses. He always makes learning fun. It is very hard work to start a business. Make sure you get a biz coach to help you.

Julie Hamilton , Attended as a Certified Coach

This course was more helpful than I thought it would be! I’m not a coach yet, and thought maybe the content might be good for ‘later’ but it’s relevant for my life now and my career goals! The course format is Fibro friendly, so not overwhelming. I learned several helpful tools for using with clients.

Deb Thompson , Attended as a student coach-in-training

Very practical and actionable material in the class with excellent coverage of how our thoughts manifest our reality. I will use the exercises I learned here to help myself and my clients get unstuck when not making progress.

Robin Pfaff , Attended as a Certified Coach

I will definitely use a lot of this information both with my personal life and with my clients. This class covers practical strategies for dealing with thoughts which may be serving as obstacles to your desired outcomes and will show you how to overcome this in order to achieve those outcomes.

Ramses was an effective instructor. He was enthusiastic and upbeat and made learning the content fun. He was also knowledgable and insightful as well as affirming and encouraging of everyone's efforts. I loved all the hands on exercises and would definitely attend another retreat or workshop with him.

Brenda Faverio , Attended as a Certified Coach

Course Pricing

Enroll to receive all four lessons taught at our Fall 2022 Alumni Retreat, along with the handouts and extra materials. Lessons include video, audio, and written transcript.

Replay Only $400

Live Retreat = $1300