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Thank you for your information!

Thank you for submitting your information for your certificate and graduation.

Below is a description of what you can expect over the next few weeks leading up to graduation.

What to Expect: Graduation

Over the next few weeks, I will be putting together some resources to help prepare you for graduation. These resources will be posted in our class Facebook group.

  1. Graduation Invitation — There will be a formal invitation in PDF and JPG form that you can use to invite your friends, family, and providers. The PDF is designed to be printed on nice invitation paper and used like any other formal invitation, or emailed as a PDF attachment. The JPG is designed to be shared on social media, if desired.
  2. Class Photo — You might not think we have a "class photo" but we do! I'll be posting that in our Facebook group in both a square and horizontal format for sharing.
  3. Graduation Instructions — I will be putting together a document with instructions on how to join the graduation event, what to email your friends and family, and the agenda for the event.

What to Expect: Certificate

Between now and graduation, I will send you a small photo of your certificate, similar to this one, that you can share with your friends and family, and on social media. This is a small file designed to "tide you over" until the real certificate arrives. Please do not try to print this, as the quality is not good enough.

After graduation, I will either mail you your official certificate (if you live in the US) or email you a print-quality certificate (complete with my signature!) that you can print on your end.

What to Expect: Facebook Groups

Our class Facebook group will remain open after graduation until the end of the month. At that time, the group will be closed and archived.

You will receive an invitation to join our IFCI Graduates group. Make sure to accept this invitation! If you don't accept, Facebook will allow you to preview the group for one month, then you will be removed.

If you are interested in on-going support, weekly group coaching calls, and more, consider joining our IFCI Alumni Association. You can find more information and the link to enroll in our online classroom in Canvas.

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