Note: Each lesson builds on the one before it. You will get the most from this course if you watch the lessons in order and complete that lesson's assignments prior to the next lesson.

Meet your instructors and other course attendees! Our theme for this lesson is What Is Your Dream As A Coach? Be ready to explore your goals and the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching those goals.

Lesson 2
What Does Your Brain Think About You Coaching?

Interestingly enough, your brain has ideas of its own about you being a coach. In What Does Your Brain Think About You Coaching?you will learn to take a look at what your mind thinks of you coaching and how to get it in light with your vision!

Lesson 3
How Does A Coach Manifest With Ease?

Learning what our brains are thinking, then choosing new thoughts, is one of the keys to manifesting with ease. In this lesson, we will learn about "thought loops" and how to harness their power to change our behavior and results.

Lesson 4
What Is Attainable Now?

You don't have to take on the world as a coach, but there are likely simple, easy things you can take on at the moment! What can those things look like for you today? Learn how to share your story and be inspired with a "graduation project". This last lesson includes a wrap-up with Ramses, plus a social celebration. 

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