Note: Each module builds on the one before it. You will get the most from this course if you watch the modules in order and complete that module's assignments prior to the next module.

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Meet your instructors and other course attendees! This module explains why most definitions of "target market" don't go deep enough and gives prompts and examples to help you rediscover who YOUR target market is!

Learn why it's important to be really clear on who your Target Market (ideal client) is and what will happen if you don't! You'll also dig deeper into your Target Market to identify their demographics and the communities they are part of so that you can find them. Once you are clear on your Target Market, you can go beyond that to identify potential referral sources and contact spheres.

Explore ways to develop contacts into referral partners, including the importance of having them know, like, and trust you! This module contains practical tips, plus Tami's story of how she built Dr. Ginevra into a referral partner!

Learn about the Taking Flight with DISC assessment and explore how you can use DISC to better understand and communicate with others, including your referral partners. By the end of this module, you will: understand the four behavioral styles (including your own!), identify the styles of others, know how to alter your approach and communication to better connect and communicate with any behavioral style.

Review the important points from our previous modules and set goals to apply what you've learned. New content includes how to speak to referral partners so they hear you using the SOAP Notes format. Also included is an open "ask me anything" Q&A with Jennifer.

Additional Support

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