Jennifer Tolley, MBA is a seasoned global trainer with a passion for cultivating referral relationships that transcend borders. With a wealth of experience spanning nearly two decades in the training and development industry, Jennifer has successfully implemented training programs that enhance communication skills and long-lasting referral networks. Her guidance and caring have positively impacted thousands of business owners. One of her personal core values is Authenticity which she believes is the key to her success.

Jennifer has been the Director of Global Training for Business Network International (BNI) and is currently serving as the Director of Learning and Development for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. She is a Certified DISC Facilitator Guide passionate about helping others understand how to effectively communicate and network with others to grow profitable businesses.

You can reach Jennifer by email at jltdisc@gmail.com.

Note from Tami.... When I was a brand-new coach in 2009, I took one of Jennifer's classes. It. Changed. My. Life! Jennifer is the reason I have focused entirely on helping fibromyalgia patients. Without her class, none of us would be here! Jennifer also taught me how to develop relationships with doctors and other providers, like Dr. Ginevra. If you've been wanting to know how to build your business like I did at the beginning, this is the class you want!

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